Is fuel included in the price?
No, fuel consumption calculated & charged at checkout. To best service our clients fairly: Fuel will be calculated upon check out of each day's event. Fuel usage can greatly differ depending on driver, track, car, and weather.
How do I book a date for the experience?
Please choose a date, track, and the car from our online booking page. If you have questions or wish to book with a live person you can reach our phone number during regular business hours M-F 9 am to 5 pm.
Do I need to sign a liability wavier?
Yes. You will be asked to sign the liability waiver during the morning check-in process.
What are your office hours if I have questions?
SP Motorsports Racing call center is open from 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday. Feel free to contact us by phone (510) 782-0188, or by email
What should I wear on the track day?
Comfortable clothes are recommended. You are required to wear closed-toed shoes to drive.
Are the cars difficult to drive?
Not at all. Whether you have selected one of our race cars, or one of our street legal high-performance cars, all of our cars are very easy to drive. We will also have pro-coaching along your side you help you understand the car very quickly and maximize your driving experience.
How long will I be on track, driving?
You will have on track for at least 5-7 sessions in one day. Each session is 20 minutes on track.
Can my friends and/or family ride in the car with me?
Yes and No. It all depends on the track organizer group we work with that day. Please contact us via email in advance and we will find out for you.
What happens once I arrived to the track?
Once you arrive at the race track, you will be taken to the registration desk to complete the remaining paperwork for your experience. We will then assign a crew member and pro coach to guide you throughout the whole day.
Can I drive with an international driver's license?
Yes, as long as it is currently valid in the country in which it was issued. International Driver’s Licenses issued on the internet without an underlying country’s driver’s license are not acceptable.
What happens if it rains?
Rain or shine. We will be open. However, in the event the weather is so bad it is deemed unsafe to be on the race track, SP Motorsport Racing will either postpone your experience waiting for acceptable conditions or reschedule your experience for a date and time in the future.
Is track insurance included in the price?
Yes, physical damage protection is included. It is coverage for you & the car. However, you are responsible for physical damage deductible. The deductible amount is vary based on the car you choose. Renter is responsible for any damages incurred from the time of pick up from SP Motorsports to the time of return. Liability insurance is not included, but available through OpenTrack You will be asked, however, to sign a waiver upon arrival.
Is food and drink included?
Yes. Breakfast and Lunch are provided. Beverages are available throughout the whole day.
Can I bring a buddy or family to watch me drive?
Of course! You are more than welcome to bring guests with you. This is an add-on item during booking. If you'd like to add guests after booking, please contact us asap.
How old do I have to be to drive?
You must be 18 years and have a valid driver's license in order to participate in the SP Motorsports Racing Experience.
Is racing experience required to drive in your programs?
No, you do not need any racing experience to drive in our programs. All level drivers are welcome.
Do I need to bring my own helmet?
Yes. You will need to bring a helmet that's Snell approved, which has the current available Snell rating or the one previous Snell rating.
What is the cancellation Policy?
In the past, participants have canceled the last minute or were "no shows," limiting the opportunity for those on our waiting lists. In order to be fair to all of our customers, we strictly enforce this policy.
In the event that you cannot attend or would like to change the date of your registered event,
Please submit a written notification of your request to cancel to Date Changes.
Participant may change the date of Participant’s appointment with at least 30 days advance notice, subject to the following fees:

  • First change: no fee
  • Second change: 5% of the booking fee
  • Three or more changes: 10% of the booking fee per change

Participant may cancel Participant’s appointment, subject to the following fees:

  • At least 30 days advance notice: no fee
  • 14-29 days advance notice: 15% of the booking fee
  • Less than 14 days advance notice: 100% of the booking fee

Once your request is received in writing, you are welcome to re-register for a future event. If your desired date is full, then you may join a wait list, however, there are no guarantees that you will be confirmed.


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