We recently completed this cool build on a GT Silver 997 Carrera 4 GTS. We wanted to keep the essence of this 997 GTS as a touring oriented car but with the aggressive accents of the 997 GT3 as well as handling characteristics.



  • Porsche 997.2 GT3 front bumper & splitter

  • Porsche 997.2 GT3 RS rear bumper

With the use of the 997.2 GT3 RS rear bumper cover, we needed a good exhaust solution. Akrapovic titanium center muffler immediately came to mind. With it’s high quality fit & finish, this would be a perfect complement to this project. Custom side muffler delete sections had to be made while retaining the exhaust valves for both comfort & sport mode.

On the front, with the upgraded GT3 bumper, the center radiator was upgraded to the larger GT3 version along with all the proper ducting, including venting over the hood.



By utilizing the OE GT2 sport bucket seat, rear seat access is still retained, while still having the GT3 feel and support.

  • Porsche 997 GT2 carbon buckets

  • Porsche Guards Red seat belts front & rear


Engine & Transmission

The Cobb engine and PDK tuning really brightened up the performance of this car. The 3.8 liter x51 engine paired with the Akrapovic GT3 center exhaust, BMC racing filters and Cobb Tune really feels like a GT3. With the added PDK tuning, the car even shifts like a 991 GT3!

  • Cobb Accessport Stage 1 Tune & PDK Tune

  • BMC racing air filters

  • Porsche 997.2 GT3 upgraded center radiator & ducting

  • Akrapovic titanium GT3 muffler

  • SPM custom side muffler delete with valves

  • SPM GT3 exhaust tips ceramic coated black

To keep up with the Touring essence of this build, we worked with Motion Control Suspension to really tie it all together. Because of the street oriented nature of this build, single adjustable dampers were all that was really required. The GT3 sway bars provide the needed platform without sacrificing the ride quality. With properly valved compression dampening matched with the spring rates, this car really does handle like a GT3, only better ride quality.


  • MCS 1WNR dampers

  • Custom OE strut mount adaptors front & rear

  • Swift 350/450 lb/in springs

  • Porsche 997.2 GT3 front & rear sway bars

  • Tarett Engineering extended front drop link

  • Tarett Engineering rear drop link

Giving this car a well balanced feel was crucial, and the brakes were not overlooked. Luckily the GTS cars come with a decent street brake package from factory. To give it a GT3 feel we went with Advance Friction Performance brake pads. The Clubsport compound gives the car solid pedal feel and great control on and off the track. This street/track oriented compound is low dust and low noise compared to other track oriented brake pads but still retaining the performance and feel.



  • AF Performance Clubsport compound brake pads front & rear

  • Endless RF650 racing brake fluid


  • Porsche RS 4.0 Silver centerlock wheels

  • Front 19×8.5

  • Rear 19×12

  • Tires: Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2