SPMS Stage 1 Suspension Kit for GT4

SPMS Stage 1 Suspension Kit for GT4


With the aftermarket front tie rods, we replace the shorter OEM front tie rod when we install camber shims on the front of the car. Similar to the rear, the OEM front tie rod ends up threading a bit too shallow for our comfort. The front and rear drop links provide us the ability to effectively corner balance the car without running into preload issues on the sway bars. The front caster puck/thrust arm bushing enables us to reset the caster to OEM spec to prevent unnecessary rubbing during daily driving, navigating parking lots etc. The rear toe link adds more adjustability compared to the OEM unit which allows us to set the rear toe to spec when setting the car up for track use.  The GT4 Stage 1 kit tackles the critical points of any GT4 yet still allows room to grow without compromising street-ability.

Our Stage 1 kit can also be paired with our SPMS Spring Kit which further compliments the suspension components I've listed above. Without taking away any street driving comfort and retaining the factory PASM.

  • Monoball Front Tie Rods with Bump

  • Monoball Rear Toe Links with Bump/Locking Plates

  • Adjustable Front Thrust Arm Bushing

  • Front/Rear Drop links

Please contact us at info@spmsracing.com or 510.782.0188 for more info.

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