Aftermarket Upgrades

We have a passion for Porsche’s and our clients satisfaction. We offer a variety of services, ranging from simple cosmetic mods to full on track builds. We have partnered up with many brands to offer many services to our clientele. Feel free to call and inquire about our services.



Proper maintenance is extremely important on a track car. Your car is put through extreme stress throughout a track event. We give you the peace of mind, ensuring that your fluids, brake pads, tires etc have been looked over before handing you back the keys. 

Race Set-Up / Alignment

Ride height, camber, toe, caster, corner weight, compression, rebound, spring rates, sway bars for starters. As daunting as setting up suspension may sound, we will align and set your car up to allow you as a driver to perform at your limit.

Racecar Development / Track Prep

Track days can be stressful. Let us take a load off your hands by ensuring your vehicle is properly set up for an event to reduce the chances of an on track failure.  Once you arrive at the track, all you'll have to worry about is driving. 

Arrive & Drive

On race day, the only thing you should be worried about is driving. We will keep a watchful eye on all your fluids, brake pads, tire wear etc. Go out there, drive to your fullest and let us worry about the details.



Thanks to Ian at Carbonite Detailing, we offer full wash and detail for anyone who needs their car cleaned up from a track event or just a long week of daily driving. Both exterior and interior cleaning and detailing needs are available.  

Vinyl Wrap / Clear Bra

We also provide in house paint protection services to keep your car looking brand new! Front end, race kit, or a full clear bra are available. Front end consists of front bumper, hood, and front fenders. The race kit provides additional protection to the headlights, mirrors, side skirts, and rear arch.



Transporting your track car and all of your personal items can be tedious and stressful. We offer transport services to alleviate that stress! Contact us before an event if you would like to utilize us for transportation.  


We want your car stored in a nice, clean and warm environment as much as you do. We will be more than happy to store your car in our 24/7 CCTV monitored facility and allow you to fully utilize your much needed garage space at home. Pre-storage inspections, weekly start ups, and the use of a battery tender. Pick up and drop off arrangements can also be made. We also provide additional services like routine maintenance, track maintenance, tire/wheel management (Mount/Dismount/Balance) and various levels of detailing.

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