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Martini GT4

A few months ago, our friend Lar brought in his newly acquired GT4 for a couple of modifications. We started the build with a complete strip down of the interior and suspension. All excess weight was discarded leaving only the bare essentials for the driver. All carpeting was removed, and the door panels were replaced with carbon fiber Clubsport replacements. A Clubsport wheel was installed for quick driver input. One of our favorite goodies in the car is the Motec with a custom bezel!

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Cayman GTS x Cargraphic

This beautiful, unmolested Cayman GTS came to us for its very first mod! Replacing the stock exhaust manifolds for the Cargraphic Stainless Steel Longtube Exhaust Manifolds with 200 Cell Cats. This option allows him to maintain the OE Porsche Sport Exhaust and exhaust switch while giving the car a more pronounced bark and increasing power and torque throughout the rev range. Check out the before/after video at the bottom of the page!

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SP Motorsports' Salzburg GT4

Here is a brief update on our GT4! Since the last post, we've added the following: Salzburg Livery, JRZ 3-Way Adjustable Dampers, Lightweight Flywheel, Clutch, Pressure Plate, Salter Aero Wing Uprights, Brembo Type 5 and Type 3 Rotors. We ran Cargraphic race exhaust for a short period of time but it was simply too loud for track days. Since then we replaced it with a 991 GT3 center muffler with custom piping + tips.

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