About Us

SP Motorsports was built on family history of racing and a passion for Porsche. It is highly important to us that both our clients and Porsche are highly satisfied with the extent of our services and well represented in the North American market. Ranging from simple cosmetic mods to full track builds, we have partnered up with many independent and international manufacturers to offer the highest quality work. Please feel free to contact us about any custom or conventional Porsche-related services. 


Our Team


Chasen Garcias

| President

Driven by his deep passion for Porsche and motorsports, Chasen believes in zero compromise for street and track cars. With many years of Porsche racing experience, he hopes to provide the Porsche community with top notch service, knowledge & development.


Doug Piercy

| Shop Foreman


Victor Paramo

| Master Tech

With 4+ years of professional automotive experience, Victor specializes in Euro cars. Currently enrolled in the auto program at Chabot College, he has completed 2 years of BMW certification classes. Fueled by his passion for automobiles, he strives to expand his knowledge of the motorsports world.

As the head engine & transmission mechanic, Doug has decades of experience in all corners of motorsport racing. From custom fabrication, suspension tuning, and engine rebuilding to supporting professional racing in Europe. Doug also leads and trains all of our aspiring techs.

Anthony Santana

| Tech Specialist


Arvind Mahesh

| Service Tech

As an aspiring tech, new to the motorsport world, Arvind has spent the last three years in the auto tech program at De Anza college prepping for a job in the auto industry. He has a deep love for classic cars and a strong passion for restoring them.

With 5+ years of professional automotive experience, Anthony is further expanding his knowledge and skills here at SP Motorsports. Aspiring to one day become an automotive journalist, he is a dedicated tech that is both detail-oriented and well organized.